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A simple interface and uncomplicated prompts is what you’ll find when you download Repair Tool for Outlook Express – what more could you want? This is the perfect tool to use if you want to find and recover Outlook Express files that have been lost, damaged, or otherwise corrupted.


After downloading Repair Tool for Outlook Express, using this program is simply a matter of following the listed prompts and instructions. The download process takes minutes to complete and finding lots files only takes a few more minutes to accomplish. Best of all, Repair Tool for Outlook Express doesn’t use up a large amount of system resources and it runs seamlessly in the background.

Main Function

Simply put, this program really does work very well. After a quick download, you can start finding lost files and recovering files right away. There’s no need to fuss with this program and it doesn’t include any kind of learning curve – just download and go.

Extra Features

The one feature that Repair Tool for Outlook Express includes is a viewing feature. This feature allows users to view a corrupt or lost file prior to actually retrieving or fixing the file. With this feature, you can determine whether or not the file you have found is actually the file you want to fix – a priceless and very useful feature.


This program comes with a free trial offer (full), but for $39.95 you’ll be hard pressed to find a better Outlook Express repair tool on the market.


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Reviewed by Danny Mills
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